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21 states among Iran’s target markets for export

Irna 01 Dec 2021
Deputy Chairman of Iran’s Trade Development Organization for export development Farhad Nouri made the remarks in the national seminar of “Eurasia ... of understanding to provide small businesses with proper education with the help of international academics. The seminar of “Eurasia.

Nigeria plans $5.8bn in cash handouts to replace fuel subsidies

Al Jazeera 24 Nov 2021
Cutting fuel support will support the ruling party’s long-term policy goals of freeing up revenue while allowing the party to bolster support among poor Nigerians ahead of the 2023 polls, Eurasia Group said in a note to clients Thursday ... gasoline subsidies” Eurasia Group said.

Pakistan hands over another consignment of food aid to Afghanistan

The Wire 24 Nov 2021
ISLAMABAD. ... Read more. ... The NSA also said that as far as the westward connectivity is concerned, Torkham is one of the key future gateways through which Pakistan is helping join the Central Asian Republics, Russia and Eurasia to the “warm waters” and pointed that “this isn’t just talk”. Also read. ... More of this will become the norm.” ... “That’s it.

Pakistan hands over another consignment of food aid for Afghan people

Urdu Point 24 Nov 2021
Pakistan as a goodwill gesture also allowed transit of wheat from India to Afghanistan ... He said as far as the westward connectivity was concerned, Torkham was one of the key future gateways through which Pakistan was helping join the Central Asian Republics, Russia and Eurasia to the "warm waters" and pointed that "This isn't just talk." ... "That's it.

Program Officer, Europe and Eurasia

Reliefweb 23 Nov 2021
The Program Officer for Europe and Eurasia (E&E) helps develop, represent, and manage E&E programs under the supervision of the Senior Program Officer for Europe and Eurasia ... Support programmatic development and project management for Internews' programming within Europe and Eurasia.

Moon calls for progress on East Asia railway bloc

Korea Times 18 Nov 2021
Moon also said Seoul will more than double its health-related official development assistance for the northern countries this year compared to last year and help their responses to the climate crisis. "As a part of Eurasia, South Korea will always walk on the Northern countries' path to peace and prosperity," Moon said ... (Yonhap). .

The climate crisis explained in 10 charts

The Observer 01 Nov 2021
CO2 chart ... Emissions chart ... It is also a major cause of the annihilation of wildlife on Earth ... Scientists think the changes in the Arctic may be responsible for worsened heatwaves and floods in Eurasia and North America ... Huge cost drops have helped renewable energy become the cheapest energy in many places and the rollout is projected to continue ... .

Time for Turkish-US rapprochement: Envoy to Washington

Anadolu Agency 17 Oct 2021
... in Greater Eurasia. "Turkey’s centuries of insight and experience in Greater Eurasia will surely help the transatlantic community, in whatever reimagined form it takes, establish realistic end-states and – if and when needed – viable exit strategies," he added.

Guns, Germs, and Steel is a Powerful Anti-Racist Book. So Why Doesn’t the Left Love It?

Quillette 03 Oct 2021
When the Old and New Worlds collided in the 15th century, both Europeans and the Chinese had ocean-going ships that had been funded with the help of monarchs who ruled over millions of people ... It also helps to explain why American civilisations were largely destroyed when they came into contact with Eurasians.

Eurasia Mining (LON:EUA) secures $15m in funding

The Motley Fool 24 Sep 2021
Eurasia Mining (LSE.EUA) has successfully raised $15m through a private placement to help fund its ongoing Rosgeo JV mining project ... In addition, Eurasia mining also sold new equity warrants that grant these institutions the right to buy another 41.5 million shares at a price of 26p within the next three years.

Is there an alliance between Iran and China?

The Jerusalem Post 23 Sep 2021
BRI is intended to produce contiguous, China-aligned land and maritime trade routes from China across Eurasia ... Iran’s integration into the BRI would thus help solidify China’s ambition to emerge as the hegemonic power in Eurasia, able to offer routes for trade under its control to countries aligning with it.

A tale of two anti-terror modes

China Daily 16 Sep 2021
As a multilateral organization, the SCO is committed to maintaining security and stability in Eurasia, deal with emerging challenges and threats, and help boost trade, increase cultural and people-to-people exchanges, and deepen cooperation on humanitarian issues ... Such dialogues also help bring countries together to fight terrorism.

Neanderthals Passed Human Papillomavirus to Homo Sapiens in Eurasia

Ancient Origins 14 Sep 2021
This deadly strain became a dominant form of HPV in Eurasia and is different to the rarer strain found in modern African populations ... It seems that the study of the evolutionary history of Neanderthals and modern humans in Eurasia has helped reveal important details about the human papillomavirus’s complex evolutionary history.

MASSIVE IDEA: Bring woolly mammoth back to Canada's Arctic

Toronto Sun 14 Sep 2021
As for the timeline, the co-founders aim to produce mammoth elephant calves within the next six years, with future populations eyed for northern Eurasia and North America. Colossal says the project is a de-extinction effort that could also help the environment, particularly if the ...

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